Sunday, 5 August 2012

Storm chasing adventures...

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5th August storm, a set on Flickr.
This weekend has seen yet more of the lovely weather that this summer will be remembered for. For many, this is sickening, but for me it's terribly exciting.

You see I love doing a bit of storm chasing. I've been chasing the occasional storm for around the last 8 years, using a combination of several websites to plot the path of the weather, and then going out in my car and following my nose.

Tonight I spotted a storm mid afternoon and went out to take a few photos just up the road. By late afternoon another storm was rolling in, and I decided to go for a drive. I went across to Runhall, and into Matishall, where the most amazing sunset happened with lightning bolts streaking in front of it. I sat in my car a little bit scared as lightning bolts touched down fairly close on at least 2 occasions.

From there I went across county to Reepham, stopping on the way to get some shots of the fork lightning. It was a bit too dangerous to get out and take photos, so I was restricted to setting my camera up on the dashboard of the car and shooting through the windscreen. This worked surprisingly well considering and the results are some of the shots you see here.

Around 10pm I decided it would be good to come home, little realising the state of the roads. From Reepham to Bawdeswell the roads were completely flooded, and even worse still from Lenwade through to Hockering. I wish I'd stopped to take a few photos actually, as the effect of a sheet of water on the road and the mist rising was just beautiful, if a little dangerous for anyone in a car. Weirdly by the time I got to the A47 bypass the road was completely dry.... I guess that's just the way these things go.

A brilliant evening and some amazing sights, even if I didn't capture them all on camera.

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