Monday, 6 July 2015

Scruffy 2 Fluffy, Wymondham

There's a place in Wymondham that's THE place to be - if you have four legs and a waggly tail.

I'm spending a bit of time with my great pal Ruby dog this week. I'd planned that the first of our days together would be spent giving Ruby a treat, so I booked her in for an appointment at Scruffy 2 Fluffy in Wymondham to have a bath and a trim.

Ruby has never been to see a pet groomer before, and I was keen to make sure she saw the best. I checked out some local places, and Scruffy 2 Fluffy caught my attention - they really seemed to care about their canine clients and were quick to come back to me with answers to my questions and an appointment.

It seems this place is popular, and gets booked up fully each week. I can see why, after Ruby's morning here! We arrived after an excitable walk down Fairland Street. The salon is right next to Myhills and easy to find. Ruby cautiously approached, not knowing what to expect. Instead of taking her straight through, Sam (the owner and groomer extraordinaire) sat down and introduced herself to Ruby. Ruby was keen to check out this new and exciting person and place, and so we went through to the parlour.

The grooming parlour

The bath
The grooming space was lovely and light with a friendly atmosphere and very appropriate decoration. It was decked out to make visitors feel totally comfortable and at home. Ruby was going to like it here! As you can see, she was rather fluffy and was not appreciating it also being the hottest day of the year.

Sam took some more time to make friends with Ruby, checked her medical history and then popped her in the bath. Ruby had no hesitation in jumping in, unlike bath times at home! You can see by her face how relaxed she was about the whole thing.

I like you
On with Ruby's bath. There was a choice of 3 shampoo's and we went for the citrus one.

Well this is nice... 
Hair wash
Next for a bit of drying off and more making friends time...

Time to dry off...
Ruby was absolutely loving spending time with Sam, who is so gentle with the animals and talks to them so calmly and quietly that they ALL fall in love with her.

Then on to the grooming table. Again Ruby hopped straight up. After some brushing of the accumulation of burrs, it was time to be blow dried!

Ruby getting a blowdry 

Having a brush  Next up was the trim. There was A LOT of fur to come off...
Trimming the tail 
  Ear trimming  Then a paw trim.
Paw trimming 
  Paws for thought 

Ruby Time for a quick hug. Then nails.

New friends
And almost there!

Ruby looking all trim
Just the finishing touch of tooth gel and paw balm left.

Paw balm
And at the end, one super happy little dog!

All done
She hasn't stopped skipping around the garden since. She feels so much better. I think that's a smile.

You can find Sam at Scruffy2Fluffy online at:
and also on Facebook 

If you'd like your pet to have the Scruffy2Fluffy experience then make sure you book in advance, as Sam's reputation is spreading - people have said to me how much their dogs love going to see her. We will definitely be returning...

See the full set of photos here.