Sunday, 11 May 2014

A little taste of Morocco

Just before Christmas I went across the border to Suffolk, to visit Maroque, and get a taste of all things Moroccan. And I mean all things Moroccan.

What started as a small business - selling the beautiful furnishings, lamps and lanterns of Morocco now stocks, cookware, gifts and also the ingredients to make stunning recipes, which are available in the free downloadable cookbooks from owner and chef extraordinaire Julie Woodard.

The showroom at Needham Market features many of the items from the online store and makes for a colourful experience - perfect for my photos and a few experiments with photographing lamps and shadows. It also helps me build on my experience of shooting products, as they actually are on display.

Upstairs in the showroom is the range of furniture, soft furnishings and those lovely lamps, which cast such wonderful patterns on the walls and ceilings.

Downstairs is the warehouse, stocking a whole range of Moroccan items to explore.

It's very easy in today's world of internet shopping to lose that personal touch, but it's obvious from spending a bit of time here that it isn't the case at Maroque. A glass of warm mint tea awaits every visitor, along with a smile and offer of help. Even the mail order deliveries go out with a handwritten note.

Maroque can be found online at  

If you are interested in photos of your products or business, please do get in touch.

Mirror and a reflection of the warehouse