Saturday, 4 August 2012

Jess Morgan

Week 28 - Jess MorganJess MorganJess MorganJess MorganJess MorganJess Morgan
Jess Morgan

Jess Morgan, a set on Flickr.

On a nice summer evening in July I did my first photo shoot with Jess Morgan.

Despite knowing each other forever, we had never quite got round to doing any proper photos together.

Jess appeared on my music radar years ago – many gigs later we finally talked about doing these photos. After discussions about locations and looks that we wanted to achieve we were ready to go. We mulled over the setting of the shoot for a while, but eventually ended up very close to home in a secret farm location. It was just the right place, offering bright colours and bold textures for our backgrounds.

I often get rather nervous about doing photo shoots, and this one was no exception. I needn’t have worried as it turns out - it was definitely the most fun shoot I’ve done in ages.

Jess’ released her second album ‘Aye Me’ in Spring 2012 and has several gigs in the pipeline at any one time. Check her out.

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