Saturday, 23 July 2016

Cars of the past - the Reliant Robin

There are some beautiful villages in Norfolk, and the Buckenhams New and Old are two of them. New Buckenham boasts not only the remains of a castle, but also was home to the wonderful Castle Hill garage.

This garage was special not only because it had an amazing font on the sign, but also for an amazing collection of Reliant Robins and Rialtos. Castle Hill garage is a specialist dealer of used parts for these little beasts, made famous by Del Boy in Only Fools and Horses. So I've found out, the garage has now moved south of the border in to Suffolk.

It stopped me dead in my tracks a good while back, and when I was in the area I often took a little detour to see what was on the forecourt.

To see the full set on Flickr click here.

To visit the Castle Hill Garage website, selling parts and the like, visit here.


  1. Reliant Robin is the real name. The son James came into Reliants more by accident than design. Now he has his own private museum! Including a Reliant Scimiter, Princess Annes favourite car. They are in the middle of a move not far away in the next county. James also runs a Reliant website for owners of Reliants