Thursday, 10 March 2016

Olives Supper Club

On Thursday 3rd March I went to spend some time with the folks at Olives at one of their regular Supper Club nights. This time, it was to document the amazing atmosphere and experience, rather than to enjoy the fantastic food from a patron perspective.

Before Supper Club begins! A lovely space.

I became aware of the Supper Club around mid 2015, after the chatter about it reached me through friends that had been and experienced the many delights. Since then, I've visited many times and I have never left disappointed.

Open for business

It's a truly great evening, in a great venue, at a great price, with great service. What more could you want?

At the bottom of historic Elm Hill, Olives has a lovely laid back feel. Not too laid back of course, but enough to make you totally relax. It's rather like going home to an old friend and just feeling at one with your surroundings and host.

At the bottom of historic Elm Hill

Supper Clubs work something like this. Alys (head chef and all round champion) creates a set menu of mouth watering treats for both meat and vegetarian based diets, and the masses go and enjoy. A simple, yet very effective approach to dinner.

The photo wall - always of interest.

Each week has a different theme, in the last few months there has been a Persian feast, celebration of the Chinese New Year, a tour of Eastern Europe and Scandinavian Traditional Christmas menu.

I was there to document the Malaysian Supper Club. The menu was as follows:

To start
Spiced fishcake or tofu chilli and lime cake served in a banana leaf wrap, served with gado gado salad.

For main
Nasi lemak (coconut rice with egg, fried peanuts and sambal) served with acar pickled and served with either - beef rendang or devils curry

For pud
Banana pancakes with lemon coconut curd

Overlooked by Saint Anthony, the kitchen mascot and Patron Saint of Bacon and cooks in general, Alys gets to work preparing the orders that come in. It is always a pleasure to watch someone in their kitchen space, being creative and making something delicious. I particularly like that Alys is involved in all aspects of the evening - from welcoming guests, to serving them drinks, cooking their food and washing their plates. The whole customer experience during the evening is really important. This is how it should be, and quite different to some other places I have experienced, where the people running things don't seem to like getting involved at any level except to see the potential profits. This makes for yet another endearing feature of the Olives Supper Club, it is such a warm and friendly experience.

Saint Anthony, overlooking the kitchen.

Plenty of deliciously fragrant and amazing looking dishes pass out of the kitchen to the eager guests via the ever attentive Joe, and empty plate after empty plate is returned. Always a sure sign of a successful evening.
Many empty plates

The first time diners left making promises to return, and the regulars went away predictably satisfied.

You can find out more about upcoming Olives Supper Club events here. Don't miss out on one of the best evenings to be had in the City. The full set of photos can be found here.

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