Saturday, 12 March 2011

Alpha Video

Alpha Video would have been the master of home entertainment rentals - back in the day - with a warehouse space filled with movies and posters of the latest movie stars.

Today the building looks distinctly unloved, with faded carpets, and the worn posters of movie stars hiding a multitude of marks, stains and hidden cubby holes.

Layers of dust adorn almost everything in the office. A range of handmade signs mingle with more permanent ones, advertising the latest releases, different genre's of film available and the different formats available to view.

The drinks and ice cream cabinets are empty - the stains on the carpet highlighting the failures of the fridge and long since gone freezer. A lone stand full of popcorn is the only treat available.

Spiders webs cling to the empty lower shelves and you can't help but wonder how many spiders lurk under the units.

Despite all of this, you can still get all the latest films, the old classics, and many more - and it doesn't seem to cost the earth. Alpha Video does what it says on the slightly rusty tin.

The complete set of photos can be found at along with my other work.

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