Monday, 13 June 2016

Turner's Shoes

On the junction of Esdelle Street and Edward Street in Norwich is a curious little place, Turner's Shoes. I've driven past it for years, but never actually stopped to look a little closer until yesterday. I was always under the impression that it was a shop that had been closed for years, with the teetering boxes of shoes in the window never seeming to move, and the main display never changing. The blue paint is faded and flaking off the shop front, in some places covered over by a scrawled graffiti tag.

Yesterday there was a hand written note on the door and a neighbour confirmed that Turner's Shoes is still operating, and has in fact just been closed for the last couple of weeks due to illness. Situated a stones throw from Anglia Square, I'm not sure how it has survived in this location for so long? Maybe there are people more curious than me who instead of driving by, took a good look long ago?


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